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Considering Cosmetic or General Surgery and dentistry in Malta?
Where is Malta and how do I get there?


Its possible to fly by
Air Malta or Ryanair from:

  • Heathrow - terminal 4
  • Stansted
  • Gatwick - South terminal
  • Birmingham - terminal 1
  • Bristol
  • East Midlands
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester - terminal 2
  • Newcastle
  • Dublin

map of England in relation to Malta
Malta is approx 3 hrs from London

Map of Malta

If you have any difficulty getting flights, Linda Briggs can help with your arrangements to have surgery in Malta

There is only one airport in Malta

When considering surgery in Malta, please ensure your stay is long enough for a comfortable journey back home.
Don't try to go back home too soon.


Linda and a friend sightseeing on a typical horse and carriage sightseeing ride


Other means of transport on the Island  - a typical bus and for the more sedate journey, a horse & carriage

Take it easy after your cosmetic surgery in Malta, but try to do some gently sightseeing to see the beautiful island of Malta


Telephone Linda Briggs
0044 (0)1354 610368

A typical Maltese bus

To send an enquiry about Cosmetic surgery in Malta, please click on the button below
or telephone Linda Briggs
0044 (0)1354 610368

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