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Hospitals in Malta

Waiting to be admitted in Malta

ECG check before surgery in Malta

X-ray of a patient in Malta


Ultrasound scan in Malta

The maternity unit in Malta

One of the operating theatres in Malta

  • 80 beds
  • High Dependency Unit
  • ITC unit
  • Day ward
  • Recovery area
  • Old peoples nursing home
  • Maternity unit
  • Ophthalmic unit
  • 5 operating theatres
  • Dedicated endoscopic unit
  • Dental & implantology Unit
  • Radiography Unit
  • Heart & lung units
  • Specialised clinics
  • Physiotherapy Unit
  • Dedicated eye clinic
  • Outpatient clinics
  • 24 hour GP service
  • Pharmacy
  • Catering service/cafeteria
  • shop

History of hospitals in Malta

Linda tried to find a potted history of the medical services in Malta, to illustrate the commitment that the Maltese have to caring for the sick and injured.

It proved to be an impossible task, as the history of hospitals in Malta is so old and goes back hundreds of years.

The links provide a lot of history and it must also be remembered what Malta did for the troops, during the first and second world wars.

Order of Malta

Knights of St John

Military hospitals in Malta

St John's Ambulance and Malta

USA's connection with Malta

Medical History of Malta

During the Wars

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